This is the way the season begins

The Charlotte Roller Girls All-Stars will be packing their bags and heading up to Evansville, IN to face off against the Demolition City Derby Dolls on February 4th. This will be the first game of the season for the ladies in purple and also their first WFTDA-sanctioned game of 2012. The teams have never gone toe-to-toe before, but it looks to be an exciting night!

The All-Stars roster for this bout will be:

S0ME Do U Juana
6 Rosie Cheeks
13 Hellin Felon
38 Vibrant Thing
40 Shawn Shank Redemption
67 Lykr C’leen
214 Pamela AnderSlam
416 Ms Guided Angel
617 Amy Fister
711 Drew FearMEmore
0898 Da Bomb-chell
911 BoToxic Bruz’her
919 Katch Her in the Rye
8008 calQh8r
ALT: 88 Star Spangled BanGRR

Coaches: Tammy Faye Breaker and Lace of Spades

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