Derby Legend Bonnie D. Stroir Teaches Charlotte a Thing or Two

Bonnie D. Stroir sharing her wisdom

One way that Roller Derby is a bit different than other sports is the open sharing of knowledge between skaters and teams. Once a skater has reached the pinnacle of the sport, she doesn’t just greedily keep it all for herself or her team. Bonnie D. Stroir is one of those skaters. She’s accomplished a lot in her roller derby career, and now she’s touring the South this spring teaching eager skaters some of the lessons she’s learned. Imagine Peyton Manning or Tom Brady touring other teams, sharing some of their secrets with young, eager quarterbacks who are new to the NFL. Yeah, right!

Bonnie D. Stroir is a legend in the young sport of roller derby. She’s been skating for eight years on banked and flat tracks, mostly with the San Diego Derby Dolls – of which she was a founding member. With San Diego she won the “Battle on the Bank” – the premier banked track national tournament – twice in a row, and she recently coached Team USA in the very first Roller Derby World Cup in December 2011. CLTRG was very happy to have her come and coach us for a few hours on March 3rd.

The CLTRG All-Star and B Dazzler skaters came away with a few more tools in their derby toolbox. Bonnie teaches some great techniques for blocking with finesse and teamwork. She taught our jammers her philosophies on juking and cooperating with blockers. As a team, and as individuals, we all look forward to incorporating her ideas into our game, which will help us play smarter instead of working harder. Our skaters weren’t the only ones learning new things though! We taught Bonnie D. Stroir how to do the Cupid Shuffle. We can’t wait to get back on the track with a little of Bonnie’s derby wisdom on our side!

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