First Home Bout of Our 2012 Season!

We are pleased to announce the rosters for the first home bout of our 2012 season on March 17th. The B Dazzlers will be facing the Camel City Thrashers. The All-Stars will take on the Tallahassee Rollergirls Capital Punishment.

B Dazzlers Roster:

003 Agent Cherry Maim’her
05 Quad Z Mojo
106 Rita Maneata
2 Sadie Hellcat
2L8 BB Queen
32 Optimus Fine
33 Sweet Psy*ren
750 Alley Capone
7734 Devlin Syder
86 Addie Finitum
88 StarSpangled BanGRR
9 Hitsteria
99 Margaret Snatch’her
X23 Unleasha Monster

All-Stars Roster:

s0me Do U Juana
6 Rosie Cheeks
13 Hellin Felon
38 Vibrant Thing
40 Shawn Shank Redemption
67 Lykr C’leen
101 Bashionista
416 Ms. Guided Angel
617 Amy Fister
711 Drew FearMEmore
911 BoToxic Bruz’her
919 Katch Her in the Rye
1000hz Emmylou Harass
8008 calQh8r

Our half-time entertainment has changed to All Thumbs and Two Left Feet. The national anthem will be sung by Taylor Knox.

Don’t forget to join us in the morning for the Charlotte St. Patrick’s Day parade before the game. We can’t wait to see all of you!

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