Charlotte Roller Girls Urge You To Vote AGAINST Amendment 1 on May 8th

The Charlotte Roller Girls, as an organization, honors and encourages diversity and self-expression; and as a league, we have striven to create a safe space for women to compete at the highest athletic levels of roller derby, while seeking to be a better version of themselves- stronger, fitter, more confident.

We believe Amendment 1 has no place in our state or our Constitution. As a sports league, we have relished being an open and inclusive organization. Our league welcomes people from all walks of life including single moms, teachers, bankers, punk rockers, straight, gay, transgendered, married, divorced, etc. Amendment 1 does not reflect our values of welcoming diversity and valuing inclusion. As human beings and citizens of North Carolina, we think it wrong, discriminatory, and mean-spirited to amend our Constitution to marginalize any group of individuals, creating a “sub-citizen” status, especially when that amendment demonstrates anti-gay hate.

Here are the facts:

  • North Carolina already has a law outlawing same-sex marriage, passed in 1996.
  • The Amendment will affect more than just same-sex couples. The amendment states that a marriage between one man and one woman will be the only domestic legal union recognized by the state. This means that domestic partnerships, gay or straight, would be invalidated, putting at risk: health benefits for partners, health benefits for children, custody rights, and even rights of visitation at hospitals. All of these revocations happened after a similar amendment passed in Ohio.
  • The Amendment may limit the benefits and incentives that employers will be able to offer to attract employees to state.
  • The last time our state’s Constitution was amended to define marriage it banned African-Americans and Caucasians from being able to marry.
  • Lawmakers who wrote this bill have said it will be obsolete and overturned in 20 years. We think it is misguided and financially irresponsible to invalidate existing domestic partnerships and rewrite local codes and laws for an amendment that will be socially obsolete fairly soon.
  • Because there is a law on the books banning gay marriage, we can only conclude that this Amendment is motivated by anti-gay bias and we believe that bias and exclusion have no place in our state.

As an organization, we don’t often become politically involved. We exist to play and promote the sport of women’s flat track roller derby. But this amendment is so damaging to our league-mates and our friends that we feel it is necessary to take a stand and add our voice to the conversation. This is a human rights issue above all else. We urge you to take a stand with us and vote AGAINST this flawed amendment on May 8.


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