The Charlotte Roller Girls Help Young Women of Charlotte Prepare For Prom Night

Girl Talk FoundationServing as positive female role models in the local community is an important part of the mission of the Charlotte Roller Girls. On Saturday April 7th, they got the opportunity to do just that by contributing to the 10th annual Prom Project, hosted by Girl Talk and Imaginon.

In the weeks leading up to the event, Charlotte Roller Girl skater and Director of Events, Bashionista, organized the collection of dresses, shoes, accessories, and unused makeup straight from the closets of other skaters in the league. Their donations were part of over 1300 dresses collected for the occasion.

This year there were 600 applicants to come to the event, with more than 400 actually participating. Prom Project allows girls to shop for their perfect prom dress without having to worry about the price tag, since all dresses are available for free. This year was the first year that the girls could also shop for accessories such as shoes, bags, and jewelry that was also donated.

The girl’s day began with a class on beauty, etiquette, and prom safety. Then they were allowed shop for a dress and choose two accessories. “The experience was amazing. I loved getting a chance to interact with the girls and hear their stories” says CLTRG skater Margaret Snatch’Her. Fellow skater Hellin Felon agreed. “It was truly touching and worth all the work to help make sure these girls get to have a prom night to remember” she added.

Fans of the Charlotte Roller Girls will continue to be able to see the skaters out and about in the community over the next few weeks. Their next event is this Saturday April 14th at the Sleepy Poet Antique Mall.

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