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Blowout Victory for Charlotte Roller Girls All-Stars over Rocktown Rollers in Final Home Bout of the Year

On Saturday September 22nd the Charlotte Roller Girl’s All Stars ended their season with a blowout game against the Rocktown Rollers of Harrisonburg, VA to start of one of the most exciting nights of roller derby Charlotte has seen all year. The All-Stars took an early advantage over the visiting team and maintained their dominance of the track throughout the game.

Charlotte started out strong, sending Shawn Shank Redemption to the line to jam against Rocktown’s Smashley Wheel’ams. Shawn set the momentum early on in the first jam earning 15 points during a full 2 minute jam, while Smashley Wheel’ams struggled in the pack against the formidable Charlotte defense and was never able to break through for her initial pass.

Do U Juana jammed next for Charlotte against Rocktown’s Luv at First Fright, who would prove to be the most successful jammer of the night for the visiting team. Do U Juana found her way through the pack first, was didn’t earn lead jammer status due to a minor penalty. She put 5 points on the board for Charlotte before Luv at First Fright cleared the Charlotte defense to earn lead jammer status. Luv was then quickly sent to the penalty box, allowing Do U Juana to add another 4 more points before the end of the jam.

Charlotte’s jammer, Hitsteria, was the next skater to take the star. She started on a power jam as Luv at First Fright finished her time in the penalty box, but picked up a minor track cut on her way out of the box. Charlotte’s defense kept the pack at a virtual standstill while Hitsteria racked up 23 more points for Charlotte, before Luv at First Fright could re-enter the jam and earn lead jammer status to staunch the bleeding.

Rosie Cheeks continued Charlotte’s strong performance when she jammed next against Rocktown’s Giggle Hertz, who never made her initial pass through the pack. Rosie added 24 more points to Charlotte’s total.

Do U Juana returned the track with the star while Rocktown fielded Afro-Die-T.  Afro-Die-T earned lead jammer status, but was unable to pick up any points herself and called the jam too late allowing Do U Juana to grab 4 more for Charlotte before the whistle.

Charlotte continued to rotate in new jammers, sending Lykr C’leen to jam against Rocktown’s Giggle Hertz. Lykr C’leen added 9 more points to Charlotte’s total taking the score to 84 to 0 with a little more than 19 minutes left in the first period.

Rocktown caught their first break in the next jam as Afro-Die-T earned lead jammer status over Charlotte’s Hitsteria. She earned the first points for Rocktown, passing two skaters before calling off the jam as Hitsteria also entered scoring position.

In the following jam, Rocktown appeared to be gaining momentum when Rosie Cheeks earned a trip to the box for a back block allowing Rocktown’s jammer, Giggle Hertz, to score 10 points.

With just under 16 minutes left in the first half, Charlotte sent CalQ h8r to jam against Rocktown’s Smashley Wheel’ams. Rocktown’s blockers did a good job slowing CalQ h8rs progress bridging for each other at the front of the pack, but eventually had to let Charlotte’s jammer go. CalQ picked up 4 points for Charlotte and called the jam, but not before Smashley Wheel’ams grabbed one for herself bringing the score to 88 to 13 in favor of the home team.

Charlotte’s Shawn Shank Redemption nudged the point differential up even more in the next jam picking up 15 points, while Giggle Hertz sat in the box for a major back block. Do U Juana further increased Charlotte’s lead by another 19 points in the next jam as Giggle Hertz served the rest of her penalty and then spent some time in the pack trying to make her initial pass through Charlotte’s defense.

Rocktown found success in the following jam when Luv at First Fright earned lead jammer status after pushing Charlotte’s blockers out of play and put 2 points on the board, while Hitsteria snuck in one for Charlotte.

With less than 10 minutes to play in the first half Charlotte gave the star to a new jammer, Rita Maneata who fought her way through the pack first, but lost lead jammer status due to a minor track cut. Rita added 9 more points to Charlotte’s total, while Rocktown’s jammer, Smashley Wheel’ams struggled in the pack and eventually passed the star to Afro-Die-T who was able to break through Charlotte’s defense and pick up 1 point before the end of the jam.

Luv at First Fright added 3 more points to Rocktown’s total in the next jam earning lead jammer status over Charlotte’s Do U Juana, who emerged from the pack half a track behind her. Rocktown sent a new face, Revenga d’Nerd, to the line next against Rosie Cheeks. Revenga d’Nerd earned lead jammer status and 4 points before being sent to the box for a major back block. Rosie took full advantage of the power jam adding 35 more points to Charlotte’s already commanding lead.

After a brief referee timeout, Charlotte began to work the clock in their favor, with 3 minutes and 49 seconds left in the game. The jam was off to a slow start will all blockers lining up at the jammer line, but without either team taking a knee at the beginning to force a no pack call. Rocktown eventually took off to break the pack, freeing jammers Hitsteria and Giggle Hertz. The advantage went to Hitsteria who earned lead jammer status and 5 points before calling off the jam.

With a little more than 2 minutes in the jam, Rita Maneata returned to the track with the star for Charlotte against Smashley Wheel’ams. She earned 4 more points for Charlotte and then burned a little more time off the clock before calling the jam.

The final jam of the period began with 40 seconds left on the clock. Rocktown’s Luv at First Fright earned lead jammer status, but was quickly overtaken by Charlotte’s calQ h8r and was forced to call off the jam before either team could pick up any more points.

The teams headed to the locker rooms at half time with Charlotte sitting on a significant lead over Rocktown, with the scoreboard reading 176 to 23.

Despite their significant point difference at the beginning of the second period, Rocktown was clearly not prepared to go down without a fight as they stepped up their defense resulting in more 4 and 5 point jams rather than multiple double-digit jams for Charlotte as was seen in the first period.

The second period of the game started off strong for Charlotte with Lykr C’leen donning the jammer star for Charlotte and putting up 18 more points against Rocktown’s Giggle Hertz, before earning herself a seat in the penalty box for a major back block at the end of the jam.

Rocktown sent Afro-Die-T to the line to try to take advantage of their power jam, but Charlotte’s defense quickly recycled her back into the pack just as she earned lead jammer status. Afro-Die-T decided to cut her losses and called off the jam to reset. Luv at First Fright took the line next, with Lykr C’leen standing in the box with less than 10 seconds left to serve on her penalty. Luv at First Fright earned lead jammer status, but Lykr C’leen emerged a quarter of a track behind. Rocktown added 2 points to their score before calling the jam.

Charlotte decided to send a new jammer, Sin Plicity, to face off with Smashley Wheel’ams. Sin Plicity was sent to the box, leaving Smashley Wheel’ams free to earn 12 points before Charlotte’s jammer returned to the track, bringing the score to 194 to 37.

Do U Juana returned to the track next and added 10 more points to Charlotte’s total against Giggle Hertz. Revenge d’Nerd earned lead jammer status in the next jam, but Rosie Cheeks was right on her tail and soared through the pack picking up all 4 points before Revenge d’Nerd was able to call off the jam, without earning any points of her own.

In a reverse of fortunes, Charlotte’s Shawn Shank Redemption earned lead jammer status in the following jam against Rocktown’s Rosie the Retaliator, but called off the jam too slowly while Rosie the Retaliator passed all 4 Charlotte blockers.

Charlotte increased their score by 4 more points in the next jam as Do U Juana found her path through the pack first, though without earning lead, before Rocktown’s jammer Afro-Die-T could break through and earn lead to end the jam.

Rosie Cheeks added another 4 to Charlotte’s total in the next jam, calling it off right before Giggle Hertz was able to score any of her own. In the next jam, Hitsteria took a hard hit to the inside from Revenga d’Nerd on her first scoring pass and then demonstrated her fancy footwork jumping the apex around the Rocktown blockers and calling the jam, but not before Rocktown’s jammer Afro-Die-T snagged 4 of her own points.

With a little more than 15 minutes left in the game, things started to swing in Rocktown’s favor, holding Charlotte scoreless for the next 4 jams and increasing their score by 13 points to 57. Charlotte was clearly not happy with the change in momentum and turned up the intensity of their game, holding Rocktown to 57 points for the next 6 jams, while Do U Juana, Shawn Shank Redemption, Rosie Cheeks, and Hitsteria added 55 more points to bring the All-Stars’ total to 275.

With little more than 3 minutes left in the game, Charlotte sent Lyrk C’leen to the line against Afro-Die-T. Lykr C’leen picked up lead jammer and 5 points for Charlotte before Afro-Die-T broke through the pack. With the game clock on Charlotte’s side, Lykr continued to skate and picked up another 4 points before calling the jam while allowing Rocktown to earn 4 as well.

Do U Juana took the line against Giggle Hertz next with just 2 minutes and 30 seconds left in the bout and picked up lead jammer status and 9 more points. Giggle Hertz, determined to fight to the end, snuck past Sin Plicity for her initial pass, as Do U Juana was sent to the box for a major forearm. Giggle Hertz was unable to make any headway through Charlotte’s defense on her power jam and passed the star to Rosie the Retaliator, who then got herself sent to the box for a major track cut just as Do U Juana was returning from serving her time. The jam time ran out before Do U Juana could add any more points to the board.

The final jam began with 19 seconds left on the clock after Charlotte called a timeout to stop the clock.  Charlotte’s jammer, Hitsteria, started on a power jam as Rosie the Retaliator finished her time in the box, but was soon sent to the box herself for a major track cut. Rocktown was unable to add any more points to their score during their power jam, before Hitsteria returned to the track with just 9 seconds left on the clock.

The bout ended with a resounding win for the Charlotte Roller Girls All-Stars over the Rocktown Rollers with a final score of 293 to 61.


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