Halloween Costumes

Halloween seems a holiday made for roller girls. Even though roller girls are kind of like superheroes year round (teachers, nurses, moms, and business owners by day- badass, forces-to-be-reckoned-with women with alter ego names by night), we still love the opportunity to dress up as something else as much as the next girl.

We asked some of the Charlotte Roller Girls to share some of their favorite costume ideas. Take a look.

Unleasha Monster and Tasty Murder

Unleasha Monster displays her southern charm as a Sassy Service Station Attendant and Tasty Murder opted for Robin Hood.

Rita Maneata as the Killer Bee

We also love our very own B Dazzlers mascot, the Killer Bee (Rita Maneata).

We also believe that creativity can create the best costumes, check out some of our skaters in their awesome Halloween creations:

Mustang Stella as Ursula

Sadie Hellcat as the Inbred Kitty of Internet Meme fame

Like Ursula from the Little Mermaid (Mustang Stella), or

The Inbred Kitty of internet Meme fame (Sadie Hellcat), or

Bets on Bruises as Carly Bobby

Another popular option is to dress up as character from your favorite movie such as Carly Bobby from Talladega Nights (Bets on Bruises).

On behalf of all of the Charlotte Roller Girls family, we hope you enjoyed a great Halloween and snagged lots of tooth-rotting candy.

Think you had a great Halloween costume? Post your best pics on our Facebook page and share with all the Charlotte Roller Girls and our fans.

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