All-Stars Roster for Dec 8 Away Bout vs Little City Announced!

On Saturday, December 8, the CLTRG All-Stars will be travelling to Johnson City, TN for their final bout of the 2012 season. They will be facing the Little City Roller Girls on the track at 7pm at the Freedom Hall Civi Center! Tickets are on sale now! Bring a coat for the Haven of Mercy 2012 Coat Drive and you’ll receive $2 off admission at the door. ‘Tis the season ending bout and bound to be a great one.

Congratulations to the following skaters for making the roster for this game:

S0ME Do U Juana
6 Rosie Cheeks
9 Hitsteria
13 Hellin Felon
X23 Unleasha Monster
38 Vibrant Thing
40 Shawn Shank Redemption
67 Lyk’r C’leen
88 StarSpangled BanGRR
101 Bashionista
106 Rita Maneata
711 Drew FearMEmore
1000 Emmylou Harass
8008 calQh8r


Lace of Spades
Amy Fister

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