2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Got a special lady on eight wheels in your life and no idea what to get her for the holidays? Have no fear, the Charlotte Roller Girls are here!

Roller girls are a tough group to shop for. Buy her lingerie and it will probably end up on the outside of her leggings for all her teammates to see. She might shun jewelry as a gift, but love socks.

If your girl hasn’t already put her perfect gift idea in the cart on Wicked Skatewear, how are you to know what to get her?

Toe stops are a good place to start. Inevitably, your girl is going to need new ones whether it’s tomorrow or in a month. If you don’t know whether she prefers Gum Balls or Powerdynes, ask one of her teammates.

While you’re asking her teammates for advice (if you’re lucky, she’s got a Derby Wife who is an invaluable asset at this time), ask if she’s mentioned any gear she’s lusting after. I know I have trouble replacing gear because it’s time-consuming. If you know what she desires and what size she wears, you will save her a lot of stress.

Wheels can also make a great gift. If you know what she skates on and can get her a new set, she’ll appreciate it. But if you just go down to a local rink or skate shop and talk to them, they can help out. Maybe they’ve got a sale and you can pick something up for cheap. A girl can never have too many wheels.

If your favorite roller girl isn’t lacking in gear or wheels, you can buy her a shirt from her favorite league. Or just a Gotham shirt (everyone needs one). And it’s not too early to start thinking about the tournament season next year and whether you’ll be in the crowd.

Just remember, the best gift you can give her is your support. Anything more is just bonus. So buy tickets (and sell them to everyone you know), make signs, and cheer your own personal superhero on at the next bout!

But if you want to get her a gift, get shopping now and you can still get it shipped before Christmas!

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