Charlotte All-Stars Wrap Up 2012 Season with a Win!

The Charlotte Roller Girls traveled up to Johnson City, Tennessee to play the Little City Rollergirls on December 8th. These ladies have seen each other before, as Charlotte’s B Dazzlers played Little City in 2009 and the All-Stars faced off against them in May earlier this year. The All-Stars were able to post a win on Little City at home in May and were hoping to do the same on the road.

The game was a doubleheader with Little City’s Junior Rollers taking on the Columbia Quad Squad Silver Bullettes. The crowd was stunned by both the cuteness and skill of the junior derby players. When the All-Star teams took the track, Charlotte took off to an early lead. Little City fought back, earning the lead. But Charlotte was able to keep up a strong defense on Little City’s jammers. Charlotte was up at the half and continued to increase their lead for a final score of 256-116, ending the 2012 season with a strong win.

MVP’s were awards to Do U Juana for MVP Jammer and Emmylou Harass for MVP Blocker.

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