All-Stars Defeat Rivals in Home Season Opener

All photos courtesy of A Boy Named Tsunami. Full photo set on Flickr.

In the much-anticipated Charlotte Roller Girls season opener, the All-Stars defeated their rival Cape Fear Roller Girls in front of a sold-out crowd. The All-Stars have been training relentlessly to prepare for the introduction of the new WFTDA rule set… and the hard work paid off! Both teams fought hard for points as the advantage went back and forth in a captivating neck-and-neck game that showed the true athleticism of the sport. The All-Stars ended up taking home the victory.

The tension and excitement were building in the jam-packed Grady Cole Center as radio DJ Jay Sparxx from KISS blew the ceremonial first whistle. Do U Juana took the lead as the first jammer to hit the track, getting Charlotte the advantage right off the bat. Hitsteria capitalized on a power jam early in the game that lead to a 13-point lead, until the All-Stars started filling the box, and Cape Fear took the lead. This nail biter kept the crowd on the edge of their seats as the point spread stayed tight. But Thor Loser was able to blast through the pack to even out the game, and Rosie Cheeks got the lead to bring Charlotte back ahead. The new rules and elimination of minor penalties lead to a new type of game-play, with many power jams on both sides and Charlotte bringing back the pivot line start. Charlotte was in the lead at the half with a score of 85 – 74.

Charlotte lost their lead during a power jam for Cape Fear 4 minutes into the second half. The crowd was getting emotional as jammers swapped in and out of the penalty box, giving power to the opposing teams. Cape Fear held on to their lead for the next 10 minutes of play. The Charlotte Roller Girls rallied and fought hard against their opponent, utilizing new strategies such as jammer-on-jammer defense. Rosie Cheeks took a bad fall that stopped the jam, for what appeared to be an ankle injury, but was able to get up. The crowd roared with applause for the league veteran. The All-Stars’ attention to detail had them creeping up points until they were able to “eat the baby” and allow Hitsteria to take Charlotte back to lead 130 – 128.

The Charlotte Roller Girls continued to play strategically with a thorough knowledge of the rules that led to repeated power jams. Lyk’r C’leen ate up the points and the score climbed in Charlotte’s favor to 143 – 176. After hard-blows and major pile ups, Charlotte hung onto their lead to finish the game. They went into the last jam with only two blockers from each team on the track, but ended the game with a final score of 185 – 157.

The All-Stars rack up their 2nd win of the season and hope their next bout in New Orleans against the Big Easy Roller Girls on April 20 will be another addition to their undefeated season. Be sure to follow all of the action on Facebook and Twitter.

MVP Jammers

All-Stars – Hitsteria
Cape Fear – Hawaiian Puncher

MVP Blockers

All-Stars – Rosie Cheeks
Cape Fear – Grave Riot

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