B-Dazzlers Roster Announced for Saturday, April 27

The Charlotte B-Dazzlers are heading down to Conway, SC this Saturday, April 27, to face the Palmetto State Roller Girls.

The B-Dazzlers last played Palmetto State in 2009, winning their game 66-26. It’s been a number of years since then though, and both teams have fresh faces and new strategies. This is bound to be a hard-fought game!

Congratulations to these B-Dazzlers for making the roster:

86 Addie Finitum
417 CrackHer Jackie
11 CutThroat Cathy
428 Elly Mae Slammett
15 Give ’em Hell Vetica
73 Just Swan
3019 Moll Adjusted
815 Mustang Stella*
05 Quad Z Mojo
72 Sarcastic Glitch
M34T Tasty Murder*
238 Tina Toxic
42 Total Lizaster
X23 Unleasha Monster
3 Comrade – ALT

* = Captains


Katch Her in the Rye
Ella Titzgerald

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