All-Stars Roster for April 20th Announced!

The Charlotte Roller Girls have a competitive 2013 away schedule that will take the Queen City’s best skaters across the country to compete, from Florida to Hawaii. Now the team is preparing to head down to the Gulf Coast to take on the Big Easy Rollergirls of New Orleans, LA on April 20th. Though these teams have never before faced off, it’s not for lack of trying on the part of Charlotte’s Interleague Coordinator, Rosie Cheeks.

Though in different regions, the two teams are very close in the WFTDA rankings, so this is sure to be an exciting game! Stayed tuned to the Charlotte Roller Girls social media pages (Twitter and Facebook) for score updates!

Congratulations to these All-Stars for making the roster:

S0ME Do U Juana – Captain
1 Amber Fillhart
1000 Emmylou Harass
101 Bashionista
106 Rita Maneata
13 Hellin Felon
269 Thor Loser
38 Vibrant Thing
40 Shawn Shank Redemption
6 Rosie Cheeks – Captain
67 Lyk’r C’leen
711 Drew FearMEmore
88 StarSpangled BanGRR
919 Katch Her in the Rye
X23 Unleasha Monster – ALT
42 Total Lizaster – ALT

Coach: calQh8r

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