Recap of Final Doubleheader of the Season

The Charlotte Roller Girls All-Stars and B-Dazzlers were both victorious in the last double header of the season! The All-Stars played in the first bout against Gate City Roller Girls from Greensboro, NC. The second bout was played by the B-Dazzlers and Classic City Roller Girls from Athens, GA.

Charlotte Mayor Patsy Kinsey blew the ceremonial first whistle and got the girls going. The All-Stars started strong and took the lead in the first few minutes. Early in the bout, Gate City’s jammer was sent to the penalty box and Hitsteria was able to raise the gap in the score during a power jam. They pushed hard and by half time the All-Stars were ahead 153 – 32.

The Funky Geezer kept the crowd entertained at half-timAlle as they waited for more roller derby action. Both teams fought hard in the second half, but Charlotte maintained their lead. All-Star jammers Du U Juana and Lykr Cleen kept the score high and the crowd cheering. Gate City put up a good fight and made Charlotte skate hard. The game ended with All-Stars 251 and Gate City 86. Rosie Cheeks and Shawn Shank Redemption were proclaimed the MVPs for Charlotte.

The B-Dazzlers were pumped from watching the All-Stars win, but had a bit of a tough start. Within fifteen minutes Classic City was ahead at 45 – 16. The bout was intense from the beginning; full of action, hard hits and penalties. By half-time, Classic City was still playing hard and leading 81 – 48.

After half-time the Killer B mascot got the crowd pumped! Her dancing and crowd-engaging cheers helped push the B-Dazzlers to score the first points in the second half. Mustang Stella came out blocking at full force while jammers Give Em Hellvetica and Sarcastic Glitch started to even out the score. Eventually B-Dazz and Classic City found themselves tied at 128 with ten minutes left on the clock.

The nail-biting second-half continued as the close score went back and forth between both teams. The crowd cheered even louder in anticipation. In the final seconds of the last jam, Margaret Snatcher pushed through the pack during a power jam and scored 15 points, making the official score 147 – 142. Needless to say Snatcher was MVP for the bout along with her teammate Nita Beer.


The Charlotte Roller Girls All-Stars played Classic City Roller Girls on Sunday morning in a private bout with a final score of 375 – 17. This weekend’s three wins brought the Charlotte Roller Girls up 30 places (from 98 to 69) in the WFTDA rankings according to Flat Track Stats. The last home bout of the season is expected to be equally exciting. It is scheduled for Sat, Sept 28 at the Grady Cole Center.

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