Exciting Double Header for the Charlotte Roller Girls in Charleston to Kick Off 2014 Season

The CLTRG All-Stars and B-Dazzlers traveled to Charleston, SC last weekend to take on the Lowcountry Highrollers on their home turf at the Citadel. Though the B-Dazzlers suffered a tight two-point loss, the All-Stars were able to secure their first victory of the season which will have a positive impact on their national ranking.


FirstiesOur own B-Dazzlers took the track first against Charleston’s Bruisin’ Betties. The B team had some new faces, as this would be the first CLTRG game for a whopping 6 skaters (almost half of the roster)! We’re so proud of newbies Atomic Bomb Diggity and KT Copperhead who applied the skills they have been learning at practice and transfers G.I. Joy, Chic Flair, Cyanide Couture and Mob Gnarley who played hard with their new CLTRG teammates!

The game started off strong for the B-Dazzlers, getting lead in the first two jams and 18 points on the board while keeping the Bruisin’ Betties at zero. But a track cut for purple sent our jammer to the box and gave LCHR the opportunity for a quick lead change. The score was 23 LCHR – 18 CLT with 23 minutes left in the half. B-Dazz continued to fight and found themselves facing a scoreboard in Charleston’s favor: 55 – 35 with less than 10 minutes left in the half. Sarcastic Glitch grabbed lead, determined to close the gap for Charlotte. Betties go into halftime with a close 71-63 lead over the B-Dazzlers.

BDazzShortly into the second half, a power jam allows the Betties to rack up the points to a 95-67 lead over Charlotte. But the power switches and the B-Dazzlers are able to tighten the gap to a mere four points, 95 LCHR to 91 CLT. Snatch’Her gets lead jammer and moves the score to 98-95 in Charlotte’s favor! The intensity continues… first a tie score of 98-98, then B-Dazz takes the lead back at 103-98. LCHR gets lead in the next jam bringing it to 107-103, then B-Dazz steals it back with 13 minutes still left in the game. If the lead changes in this bout were a drinking game, you’d be on the floor.

The crowd was on the edge of their seats as the clock ticked down. B-Dazz had a 2-point lead with just 3 minutes left in the game. It was down to the wire in the final jam, but LCHR gained lead and won the game by just two points with a final score of 122-120. Congrats to Margaret Snatch’Her who was honored as MVP Jammer and Genea Swan who was voted MVP Blocker.

dujuanaThe time had come for the All-Stars to take the track against Lowcountry! These two WFTDA teams have a strong rivalry, and Charlotte was hungry for a win after losing to LCHR in their two most recent match ups. The All-Stars knew they would have to fight for the victory though, as Lowcountry was listed 15 spots higher than CLTRG in the national rankings. Charlotte started the evening with a blow to Lowcountry’s ego. In the first jam, birthday girl Do U Juana picked up lead and put 20 points on the board before the LCHR jammer was able to escape the pack.

Lowcountry started to creep back up in the next few jams however, bringing the score to 20-15. Then LCHR’s Green-eyed Sniper took a trip to the box giving Charlotte some pie in the sky, but Lowcountry was still able to score 10 points in the remainder of the jam moving the score to 61-44 CLTRG. A power jam for LCHR allowed their jammer to pick up 2 grand slams and bring the score within 2 points, but Charlotte held on to the lead. In the next few jams, Charlotte penalties moved the advantage to LCHR, who used the time to bump the score to 117-84. In the last jam of the half, the All-Stars send Hitsteria to the jammer line and we’re able to close the gap to 117-98 LCHR going into halftime.

shawnDo U Juana starts the second half with lead but Power Puff Curlz stays on her tail and forces her to call it after getting 2 points. The jams continue neck-and-neck but a LCHR jammer penalty brings the score within 8 points to 154-146 LowCountry. Charlotte is able to start the next whistle with a power jam and regains lead! 10 minutes left in the bout and Charlotte is now ahead 193-161 as LowCountry calls a timeout. The All-Stars continue to skate with momentum managing the clock, forcing jammer cuts and recycling to control the other team. Charlotte was able to end the game with an amazing win of 222-176. Congrats to Do U Juana who was awarded MVP Jammer and MVP Blocker Rita Maneata.

A technical glitch caused some confusion as the scoreboard reset after 200, so some bewildered fans and refs spent a few minutes after the game wondering why the visiting team was so excited about their “122” points. Technical difficulties aside, this was an important win and great season start for the All-Stars who will have a tough year ahead facing stiff competition from other Division II teams.

Be sure to cheer on your home team as the All-Stars take on the Hard Knox Roller Girls at home on March 22! Tailgating and the free PBR Bike Valet starts at the Grady Cole Center at 4:30 PM. Doors open at 5:30 and the bout starts at 6 PM. It will be a game you won’t want to miss!

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