Rosters announced for first bout of the 2014 CLTRG season!

The Charlotte Roller Girls will travel to Charleston, SC on February 15th to take on the Lowcountry Highrollers in an action-packed double header. At 5 p.m. our B-Dazzlers will face off against the Bruisin’ Betties and at 7 p.m. the CLTRG All-Stars will finish the evening with a game against the Lowcountry Highrollers.

Congrats to the awesome ladies that made the team rosters for this bout!

All-Stars Roster

S0ME Do U Juana
1 AmberTheGreat
1000 Emmylou Harass
106 Rita Maneata
2 Carmen Getme
269 Thor Loser
38 Vibrant Thing – Captain
40 Shawn Shank Redemption
42 Total Lizaster – Captain
6 Rosie Cheeks
815 Mustang Stella
88 StarSpangled BanGRR
9 Hitsteria
X23 Unleasha Monster
3019 Moll Adjusted – ALT
72 Sarcastic Glitch – ALT

B-Dazzlers Roster

12 KT Copperhead
16 GI Joy
235 Atomic Bomb Diggity
238 Tina Toxic
247 Nita Beer
333 Mob Gnarley
3019 Moll Adjusted
36DD Dyno-mite Daphne – Captain
4 Chic Flair
412 Cyanide Couture
428 Ellymae Slammett – Captain
72 Sarcastic Glitch
73 Just Swan
99 Margaret Snatch’Her
71 Mugger Teresa – ALT

We’d love for our fans to come cheer us on if they are in the area! The bout venue is the McAlister Field House at the Citadel in Charleston, SC. Doors open at 4:30. Tickets available at lowcountryhighrollers.com.

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