New Mascot for the “Shark”lotte Roller Girls!

sharknadoIf you’ve been following the Charlotte Roller Girls recently you’ve probably noticed The Shark – cheering at bouts, popping up in photos, posing with fans, hobnobbing with other teams’ mascots, and basically just having a great time supporting our terrific skaters.

As of July, The Shark is the official mascot of the Charlotte Roller Girls. We still have the Purple Star for the All Stars and the “B” for the B-Dazzlers. But The Shark is here to support all of us. It’s so official that we’ve formally named our practice facility The Shark Tank.

As we celebrate Shark Week, you might wonder, “Why a shark?” That’s something we pondered as we considered making this our official mascot. After all, choosing a mascot is not something to be taken lightly. We need that official mascot to truly symbolize who we are, what we do and what we represent.

First off, what’s NOT to love? Okay, there’s the whole eating people thing (think the movie Jaws), but we’re not going to get too literal about it. But seriously, sharks:

  • Are fearsome and fearless
  • Are constantly moving – like all derby players
  • Are fast and ferocious
  • They don’t discriminate
  • Are hard workers – okay, hunters but for them, that’s work
  • And are dedicated – dedicated to eating, but dedicated all the same

These traits also apply to our league members, skating members and non-skating members alike. Are you aware that our whole league is run by volunteers? Seriously, not ONE PERSON on our league draws a paycheck! These people are dedicated, serious participants. They welcome anyone that wants to participate and do everything they can to support the league and each other. Seriously!

The Shark represents the Charlotte Roller Girls like no other mascot could.

shark boston lobsterSo how, you might ask, did The Shark find its way to the Charlotte Roller Girls? It seems that one fateful day our very own Rita Maneata spontaneously purchased a shark costume. She wore it to an event and after that, people began asking and hashtagging #whereistheshark. You just never know what’s going to resonate with people.

Anyway, The Shark is here to stay. It doesn’t currently have a name (is there a contest in the making?), but you will see it often and everywhere. In fact, look for it this weekend in the Charlotte Pride Parade (as I said, sharks don’t discriminate).

pride shark w beeWe hope you are enjoying Shark Week and will come to future events and bouts and meet The Shark in person. In the meantime, check out some cool photos of The Shark with the fans and our cheerleaders.

Let us know if we left any Shark traits off our list and tell us which of your favorite Charlotte Roller Girls embody each of these traits. Cue music (aka Theme from Jaws)



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