Kylo Ref

Kylo Ref

  • Head Referee
  • July 2013
  • 6'5
  • 185lbs


Derby takes all kinds of people to make it happen. You put your mind to it and you can take on anything with dedication, hard work and good people around you!

What got you into roller derby?

The Dark Side of Whistles and Skates!

How did you come up with your name?

Wanted to show the derby world that Star Wars represents both the light and the dark side!

What is your biggest goal this year?

Be a Crew Head Referee at a tournament, travel to at least 3 tournaments outside the Carolinas and get 32 laps in 5 minutes.

Favorite Gear

Love my S1 Helmet, My F-Yeah Printing Company referee jersey and my Sith training!


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