The Charlotte Roller Girls have two interleague teams designed to accommodate the varied skill levels of our players and encourage the athletic development of individual skaters while ensuring that CLTRG remains a force to be reckoned with in national WFTDA competition.  The roster for each team can change over the course of the season as skaters transfer from team to team based upon individual performance.

The Charlotte Roller Girls All-Stars are made up of the league’s veteran players.  These time-toughened athletes put their experience and hard-earned skating skills to good use representing the Queen City and showing Charlotte and beyond the thrill of roller derby.

The Charlotte Roller Girls B Dazzlers includes the league’s less experienced (but no less fierce!) skaters, giving them the opportunity to hone their skills and prove that they can shine in the derby world.  These warriors are ready and willing to travel far and wide to take on any and all challengers!

The Skaters

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